We’ve put together some FAQs here, if there is something else you’d like to ask us, please get in touch using the contact us at the bottom of this page.

Why and when should I employ an Interior Designer?

There are a number of reasons to employ an Interior Designer, whether you need a little help or alot. From inspiring and motivating you, to a furniture layout or help on planning and completing a complicated remodel or new extension, the advice and guidance of an Interior Designer is invaluable.

Having a professional Interior Designer on your team, who has the knowledge and experience from countless projects, as well as the information and expertise for finding the exact products and trades-people is priceless. By working with an Interior Designer, what could be a stressful and complex process suddenly feels seamless and efficient. 

How much does it cost if I am not a millionaire with a big house??

We offer 3 different levels of service which cover a wide range of budgets.  Our ‘snapshot consultation’ and ‘Distance design service’. 

Our ‘full design service’ is comprehensive and value driven, where you will receive the most incredible interior with our highest level of support. This is really hard to answer this question as every brief is unique. We work out our fees based on an hourly rate. After an initial meeting with you, we will prepare a Design Agreement which will state the number of hours we anticipate spending on your project and what you can expect with our proposed timeline This is your set fee, unless the brief changes. Unlike many elements of extensive building works, there will be no nasty surprises from us.

We have access to exclusive suppliers, with products that can’t be found on the highstreet to give you a unique home. We can also help you to avoid costly mistakes and will help you to maximise your budget, showing you where you need to spend to have the biggest impact and where you can make savings without compromising the design. 

The best way to keep a project within budget is to have a clear plan, with a clear specification. Last minute changes or decisions can be costly when it comes to construction. We can help you to ensure the project is well-planned to avoid situations that will curb your visionary dream. So in many ways, we save you even more money

How does it work?

The process starts with a discovery questionnaire followed by an initial meeting in your home or via video call depending on the service level you choose. This is our opportunity to meet you and understand your space from the get-go. From this we aim to find out about you as the client, your family and how you use the space. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask us questions and establish if we are the right design studio for you.

We use all the information gathered to prepare a Design Agreement which outlines the brief; clearly states our fees (which are fixed unless the brief changes) and what information you can expect from us during our time working together. Ultimately, it is really important to us that you are happy with the Design Agreement as it forms the brief. At this stage, we would urge and encourage you to freely make changes or additions to anything that we may have missed. 

We will then take a 50% deposit to secure the design time and at this stage can give you a clearer idea of when we will be able to proceed with the design.  We operate a waiting list based on a first served basis..

How much we get involved in your job is entirely up to you. We can tailor our services to meet your needs from the inspirational concept phase, right through to project coordination or you can choose from one of our fixed rate services- Snapshot or Distance Design

What is the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?

This is a big question with no simple answer. At Reyne Design we feel that there is a huge difference, and often the title of an Interior Designer is applied incorrectly. Our designers at Reyne Design have a degree in Interior Design, which is a complex and highly rewarding degree. We have many years of experience working for architectural firms and commissioned to design for some of the biggest commercial clients in business. You could say, we are designers influenced by the principles of architecture. The title Interior Designer covers a huge spectrum of skills and experience in the days of the Instagram makeover. In some countries outside of the UK, the term ‘Interior Design’ is a protected profession because the title requires a complex set of skills. 

Interior decorators are creative, visionary and can add huge value to a design. However, decorators do not require a qualification and experience to offer the services we do. The term Interior Designer is a protected profession, much like the accreditations required to be a doctor or a lawyer. Whilst we are all creatives with an eye for quality, relevant experience and qualifications remains a key difference. We are more than cushions, paint colours and the latest trends At Reyne Interior Design, we offer so much more andt the difference between a designer and decorator can often get confused in the google search for Interior Designers. 

When should I employ an Interior Designer?

Whilst a good designer can help you at any stage of a project, we advise our clients to seek out a designer in the early stages. As with any process, having a good plan in place at the outset is the best path to success, avoiding costly mistakes. We can work from concept design, information gathering, purchasing and detailed design right through to implementation. Ultimately, we evolve with the project and commitment from the starting blocks is why we love what we do. 

Do you project manage?

Working with the right people is the most important decision you can make. Whilst we don’t project manage we will work with your chosen trades to ensure our designs are best communicated and implemented.  We will liaise between the contractor and you to ensure any unforeseen issues arising are dealt with or communicated to you in a comprehensive way, laying out all the options available so you can make an informed decision.  We will be on hand to ensure the quality of our designs are met in the workmanship and that queries from all trades people are dealt with in order to ensure the design is in keeping with your vision. 

What other questions do people ask?
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Can you recommend trades people?

Unlike many designers, we will not take a commission from trades people which means we have no affiliation to any one company. We believe this is the fairest way to represent you.

Having building work done is very exposing as you are allowing complete strangers into your home. You need to have a good relationship with them and that means that different teams are suited to different people. As such, we do not recommend professionals and tradespeople ourselves per say but offer you the right questions to ask. It is worthwhile seeking neighboroly recommendations with good experiences. It is worth getting recommendations from people you know seeing examples of their work to establish the quality. However, whilst we don’t make recommendations, we are able to support you  in the selection process by meeting with you and potential companies and asking the insider industry questions that you may not. Occasionally we will  pass on details of tradespeople and professionals that our clients have happily used, but we always urge you to make your own judgement before appointing anyone.

Most importantly, make sure you actually like the person leading the job – you will be spending a lot of time with them and you need to have a relationship where you feel confident to trust and question them.