Tween Bedrooms- A Tween's View

Earlier this month I had my 11 year old niece spend a day's work experience with me which was rather fortuitous as I have recently been approached to design a couple of teen/pre-teen bedrooms and it is a long time since I was that age. Reyne is far better placed to know what a teen wants, so I asked her to give the teen view on what makes a fabulous bedroom. Naturally I had a lot of questions for her- not least of all was am I allowed to use the word Tween or is that totally not cool (am I allowed to use cool?)? I feel the pressure so over to Reyne in her own words-

(a little foot note to clear up any confusion- Reyne is my maiden name. I am one of 3 daughters and with no one to carry on our name we have clung onto our name in some way- I named my company Reyne Design, one of my sisters has kept her surname and my other sister named her beautiful daughter Reyne. The name will live on in one way or another.)


Hi my name is Reyne. I’m not going to lie, designing a bedroom for those of us who are between kid and teenage is hard – especially with parents breathing down your neck. I’m now going to show you a few pointers to help create the perfect tween bedroom.



Any kid’s worst nightmare is their parents creating the bedroom with things the tween liked when they were eight. Let your tween get involved with the decision-making. It is their bedroom after all.

A bedroom is not just for sleeping in. Here are a few ideas that might help you get an idea about other things that tweens use their bedrooms for:

Super sized swing chair for reading in.

Reading- create an unusual yet comfortable space to read and escape.

Disco Ball

Fun, socialising with friends- a disco ball adds a bit of sparkle. Don't forget the music.


Must haves.

If you are designing a girl’s tween bedroom, there are some really important things that I , personally, couldn't live without: A mirror and dressing table, fairy lights and a big chair to read in.

Fairy Lights- add some magic with fairy lights.


DIY.Tweens love to get involved in creating fun storage ideas for their room. Try using old, everyday items and see what fun storage you can turn them in to.



Over time, a tween’s mind will change, so when going for bright colours and patterns, try putting them on stuff that is easy to change eg: bedding, cushions and posters.



Tweens don't normally like to do homework in the same room as their parents because they are annoying. So why not put in a desk? Maybe you could also double it up as a dressing table.


So there you have it- straight from the tween's mouth.

The observations I have made from talking to Reyne and my teen/tween clients, and looking at the boards they have created are-

1. Tweens/teens want to take ownership of their room. This means the opportunity to personalise it and stamp their name all over it literally. Think 3D letters, names in lights, slogans, motivational text and photos.


​2. Friends- sadly a tween's/teen's friends are as, if not, more important than their parents in many ways. They want to express these friendships and to document their lives with photos. To save holes in walls and greasy blue tack marks think of ways they can display their photos and easily switch them up as needed.


3. Hidy holes- canopies, cabin beds, bespoke built beds all give the feeling of privacy and a sense of fun.


5. Make storage fun- you'll have more chance of them keeping their room tidy if it looks really exciting and unusual.


If all else fails close the door on it.


For links to the images used here and to see some of Reyne's other images and inspiration take a look at her Tween Pinterest Board.

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