Before and After- A Surprising Interior Reconfiguration of a 1930s Semi

I don't think, from looking at the exterior of the property that you would ever predict what lies behind the front door. It really is very surprising and breathtaking.

This has to be my most favourite project to date. What makes it my favourite isn't just the simple, unassuming exterior of the property that opens up into the most fabulous, surprising, modern home but more the fun client I worked with.

Exterior of 1930s semi detached family home

This is home to Loucas and his 2 young boys who have a passion for fantastic, fun and exciting design. They were prepared to radically change their initial plans for their extension and trust my ideas and the result is breathtaking.

Originally a 2 bedroom, unremarkable home, the owner had planning permission to extend to the rear of the property and add a third bedroom to the first floor.

Before- The chimney to the right was removed and now is part of the kitchen, where the extractor vent pipe is. This photo was taken, pretty much from the same spot as the next which will give you an idea of the transformation.

They already had designs for the layout of the newly extended ground floor until I came along and shook it up drastically. I presented my ideas to them and could see that initially they were a little unsure as the ideas dramatically reconfigured the whole of the ground floor of the house. I thought I may have pushed them too far and would be leaving without having the impact I knew the house needed. However Loucas totally took on the challenge and ran with it.

The First view upon entering the modest semi takes you by surprise.

Instead of the planned kitchen squeezed into the corner of the extension, we have brought it right into the centre of the home, creating a social hub with sight lines right through the house, a breakfast bar, dining area and fantastic light features.

Exposed brick, shelving on scaffolding supports and a simple duct to the extractor give the kitchen a slight industrial feel.

Bespoke design entertainment shelving houses the TV without making it the obvious focal point, the shelving allows the family to display their treasures and the cupboard beneath provide a hiding place for the not so treasured.

The roof lantern above floods the sitting room with natural light and the smaller rooflight allows light to penetrate the heart of the home- the kitchen.

I walked into this completed home and wanted to remodel the whole of my home as a result of it. It really is sensational and that is thanks to Loucas's commitment to my designs and his hard work to see it through. Seeing the front of the house you would never expect the large kitchen and sitting room hiding behind the modest facade. I love the surprise this little home has in store.

I hope Loucas and his boys have a fantastic, fun home that they can grow with and that they create many happy memories together. They have been such fun clients and that really shows in the home they have created together with Reyne Design.

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