Briony Reyne BA (Hons)

Design Director

Reyne Design Interior Architecture is led by me, Briony Reyne. Briony graduated in 2001 with a First Class Degree in Interior Design. With over 20 years of architectural and interior design experience across a diverse range of projects I take pride in producing high quality work, designing and styling private residences and commercial businesses.

I’m not your run-of-the-mill interior designer. I didn’t stumble into this profession by chance, nor did I start because I love a plush cushion or received a few compliments on my own home renovations. My journey into interior design has been a carefully crafted one, driven by intention and fuelled by expertise.

With a First Class degree in Interior Design/Architecture and a wealth of experience gained from working with top-tier architect and design firms, I bring a profound understanding of every facet of the construction process to the table – from intricate lighting design to the finest details of joinery.

To me, interior design is more than just choosing soft furnishings and paint colours; it’s about enhancing your experience within your home. Before diving into the aesthetics, I immerse myself in your family’s lifestyle. I see your home through your eyes, from the front door to the back. Even when I focus on one area, I consider how it connects with the rest of your space to ensure seamless functionality. I aim to make your daily life a little easier.

Only when I’m confident that the layout is perfect do I turn my attention to the look and feel of your home. And rest assured, I excel in that too.

My real strengths, however, lie in interpreting my clients’ unique style and brief. Before setting up Reyne Design I worked on projects for the likes of Wagamama, Champneys, Heineken, and Marks & Spencer, translating their brands into three-dimensional spaces. This has honed my ability to craft unique environments within the restrictions of a clear brand identity. When working with you, I won’t impose the latest trends or my personal tastes. Instead, I’ll carefully unravel your preferences, interests, and tastes to create a home that is authentically yours. It’s not about following fleeting fashions; it’s about creating a space that resonates with you for years to come, a responsible choice for both you and the planet.

Slow, thoughtful, client-centric, and unique homes that function beautifully – that’s my superpower.


I’d would love to hear from you, and if you do have any questions at all, please do feel free to give me a call on 07941 105 943